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Quantitative Methods 1

1. Foundations of Quantitative Methods

<Print>Writing Project (Computer HW), APA Sytle for Projects , Overhead (for the entire course),

JC Lecture 1, JC Lecture 2, JC Lecture 3, Ridley et al. Suter Ch.3, Suter Ch.4, Suter Ch5.

Intro (Video Handout, VH),  

2. Research Designs

<Print> JC Lecture 8, JC Lecture 9, JC lecture 10, JC lecture 11, Suter Ch. 7, Suter Ch. 10, HIMPRISM (VH), Experimental (VH), Alternative (VH) 


3. Frequent Distribution and Graphic Presentation

<Print> Exercise 1, 


4. Central Tendency and Variation

<Print> Exercise 1.5, AJC article, Oshima & Domaleski (2006), Effect Size (VH)

<Visit> Thompson's ES, Instructor Reputation and Teacher Ratings (Case Study), Effect Size Calculator

<Download> EffectSize V2.0.xls, How to calculate effect sizes from published research articles (paper by Thalheimer and Cook 2002 , their Excel program)

5. Normal Curve

<Print> Exercise 2,

<Visit>HyperStat Online Normal Curve (Applet)   

6. Correlation

<Print>Review of Summation, Correlation Examples,

<Visit>) Physical Strength and Job Performance (Case Study)

7. Review

<Print> Example of Computer Report, Sample Items for Exam 1, Review for Exam 1,

<Enjoy> Amazing Graphics

8. Exam 1

9. Probability and Sampling Distribution

<Visit> Sampling Distribution On-Line (Applet),

10. One-Group Design  (One-Sample z Test, Estimation)

<Print> P and Alpha Handout, Mind Your P's and Alphas, Ch. 11 Exercises 1-4, z Test (VH),

When to Reject the Null Hypothesis Handout

<Visit> Type I and Type II Errors (Applet)

11. One-Group Design (One Sample t Test),

<Print>More t-Test Examples, SPSS Runs for Examples, t Test (VH)

<Visit> Distribution Tables, Student's t Distribution (Applet), p value from t score Calculator (Applet)

12 Two-Group Design (Independent t Test).

<Print> A t-Test HW,  independent t Test (VH), How to conduct the test of equal variances using Excel

<Visit>Magnets and Pain Relief (Case Study)

13. Two-Group Design (Dependent t Test), Inferences About r, Inferences About Frequency (Chi-Square Test)

<Print> Dependent t Test (VH) , Hyp. Testing of r (VH) , Chi-Square Test (VH)

<Visit> Chi-Square Calculator (Applet) Chi Square Goodness of Fit (Applet),  P value from Chi-square Calculator (Applet)

, Diet and Health (Case Study)

<More> Comparing Frequencies


14. One-Way ANOVA

<Print> ANOVA (VH), Inferential Statistics (VH),

15. Review

<Print> Sample Items for Exam 2Review for Exam 2, Reporting Statistics in Psychology