Q1: Am I going to do well in this class?

A1: "Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to." - Source unknown


Q2: Deleted 

Q3: Deleted

Q4: Do you know how I can print outline (Excel Sheet) in one (or two) page(s)?

A4: Yes there is a way to printout on one page :-)  Go to the top where view is located, and go to page break
preview to change the dotted lines to solid lines.......   Keith

Q5: How do you interpret the the values of skewness and kurtosis in SPSS?

A5: Read this excerpt from SPSS Help.


Q6: Deleted


Q7. How do you run an independent t test using Excel?

A7: Click here.

Q8: Should I take Quant 2?

A8. Messages from former Quant 2 Students:  Joe, Christine, Lynda, Brandi


Q9: Do I need an IRB approval for collecting data for the class project?

A9: Click here.


Q10: Can I use the Likert Scale data for parametric statistics?

A10: Click Here

Q11: What is Endnote? 

A11: Endnote Review by Dr. O less than 4 minutes.