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Quant Methods 2 

Note: <Print> indicates printable files. <Visit> indicates the web site you can visit. <Save> indicates files to be saved. <More> indicates optional materials (advanced).

(VH) stands for Video Handout (the hand out that goes with videos).

1. Introduction

<Print>  Introduction (VH), Typos in the textbook, Questions on Videos

2. One-Way ANOVA

<Print> ANOVA Slides (VH), ANOVA Visual (VH)

<Visit> Distribution Tables, F to p (Applet), One-Way ANOVA Analysis (Applet), Vassar's ANOVA (Applet),

3. One-Way ANOVA

<Print> Post Hoc Procedures and Assumptions (VH), Tukey (VH),  Assumptions of Equal Variances (VH), Effect Size (VH)

<Save> oneway.sav

<More>  James Second-Order Test, JIML.SAS (for PC), Olejnik & Algina (2003),

4. Power Analysis

<Print> Power (VH), Telescope (VH)

<Visit> Type I Type II Errors (Applet), G*Power Web site, G*Power31Windows.zip

<More> G*Power Paper (Manual), Questions on Effect Size (Cohen's f and SPSS eta squared, Cohen's f and Cohen's d), Why p value is not enough (Sullivan & Feinn, 2012),


5. Factorial ANOVA

<Print> Two-Way ANOVA (VH),  Interaction Handout (Oshima & McCarty 2000), Corrected Total vs. Total in Factorial ANOVA Using SPSS GLM

<Visit> Vassar's Two-Way ANOVA (Applet),

<Save> Two-Way Data (*.sav), Interaction 2 x 3 (*.sav), Interaction 2 x 2 (*.sav) (Data for "Interaction Handout"), sample.sps (for simple main effects), Simple Main Effects using Excel (*.xls)



6. Factorial ANOVA

<Print> Three-Way ANOVA (VH), Three-Way Excel,

<Save> Holm1.xls

<More> Improved Bonferroni (Holland & Copenhaver 1988), shaffer95

7. Review

<Print> Sample Items for Exam 1

Review Sheet

8. Exam 1


<Print> ANCOVA (VH)Review of a Line Equation


<Print> Bryant-Paulson (Stevens,1999)

<Visit> Vassar's ANCOVA (Applet)

<Save> ANCOVA Data (*.sav), BP.xls

11. Repeated Measures Analysis

<Print> Repeated Measures Analysis 1 (VH), Repeated Measures Analysis 2 (VH), A Defense Proposal Using Repeated Measures

<Visit> Vassar's Repeated Measures (Applet), Multivariate Normality (Stevens) PDF version

12. Repeated Measures Analysis

<Visit> GLM Repeated Measures (One Within) PDF version, GLM Repeated Measures (One Within, One Between) PDF version

<Save> Rep.sav, splitplot.sav, GLM_withn1.sav, GLM_2way.sav

<More> Effect Size (Bakeman, 2005), Repeated Measures Review (Keselman, Algina, & Kowalchuk, 2001), Repeated Measures ANOVA using SPSS (Field, 2008),

13. Intro. to Regression

<Print> Regression (VH)

14. Review

Review for the Course, More Exercises, Sample Items for Exam 2 , Review for Exam 2

15. Others Topics