"DFIT Derivation" by Sarah Kim 08

"IRT is like ..."  by Class Fall 09

"Plain English" IRT Videos found by Stephanie 09

IRT basics.ppt (found by Eva 09)

irt power point.ppt (found by Eva 09)

IRT_NCI_Reeves_Tutorial.pdf (found by Angela 09)

National Cancer Institute's IRT Tutorial and Model Fit Software (found by Amgela 09)

Easy IRT Rasch.pdf (found by Maggie 09)

Excel Simulation by Kristen 09

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Video on CATSIM by Tiffany Hogan 11

How to draw two curves in the same graph using Excel (found by Judy 11)

SAS tutorial:  A quick and dirty tutorialA more in-depth, comprehensive SAS overview and tutorial (found by Judy 11)

Introduction to BILOG MG  (found by Brittany 11)

"IRT is like ..." by Class Fall 11

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Item Response Theory with R by David 2014